Unplanned firework displays lead to many locals’ pooches petrified, should Fylde Council take a stand?

This weekend an array of fireworks were set off around Curzon Road area at around 1.15am in the early hours of Sunday morning, just as the clocks changed. The unplanned firework display had many locals ranting and raging all over Facebook, stating that their pooches were petrified at the sound.

Many resentful residents feel that the spontaneous display is unfair on locals with pets, especially because they did not have a chance to prepare, such as when anticipating Bonfire Night every November. In addition, it is unfair on the human residents of St Annes, who had their extra 1 hour in bed disturbed by the ludicrous display.

Claire from Victory Boulevard said “my neighbour’s dog lives in a kennel in the garden and doesn’t go in the house. The poor dog was howling till the early hours.”

Claire added “This really inconvenienced me as I couldn’t sleep because of the howling. I’m a senior key worker too.”

Tony Wilson, a local shop owner and a Facebook group admin created a poll on Facebook in response to the outrage, hypothetically asking whether fireworks displays should be: ‘organised displays only, just left as it is, only on Bonfire Night & New Year Eve (2 days either side) before 1am & fined if caught, or banned completely’. 337 locals responded to the poll, with a humungous 243 votes for ‘Organised displays only’.

Should Fylde Council form a ban on fireworks and the purchase of fireworks without a permit? Many voters believed that that a ban on unorganised events is a necessary step for peace within Lytham St Annes’ population.

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