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It’s become a very lucrative business during Lockdown year, with crushing heartbreak to the families of lost pets. Dognapping is on the increase, with scumbag pet peddlers becoming more creative with the aim of stealing high value dogs.

Here at Lytham St Annes News, we regularly report about missing pets, share posters and appeals. This is nationwide problem, not just exclusive to our area. Other than the obvious precautions pet owners can take, they need to be extra vigilant about creative criminal activity.

Full transcript of this message – “Apparently there is a new ploy being undertaken by dog thieves. Having a white van with RSPCA stickers on and removing dogs from dog walking owners under the pretext that the dog matches the description of a stolen dog.

NEVER. Let your dog be taken by anyone. Insist they follow you to the vets to have the dog scanned to prove ownership by the Chip. If they’re not for real, they won’t go with you! The RSPCA will NEVER take a dog like that.

Phone the Police at the first opportunity with as much detail as possible and if at all possible take photos of the offenders and car registration. There are also reports of these thieves door knocking in residential areas.”

Never leave your dog outside a shop. Make sure your garden isn’t easily accessible if you put your dog out on its own. Never let a young child walk the dog alone. Seriously, there have been a few reports of vans approaching children with dogs, even in busy residential areas.

Please keep your pets close, and your wits about you!!



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