Warning to dog walkers on St Anne’s beach and sand dunes!!!

Dog is now desperately ill😢

A local lady has kindly warned others about her dog eating something toxic on St Anne’s beach /sand dunes on Monday.

🚫Just a quick warning to anyone who walks their dogs on St Anne’s beach and sand dunes.
Archie picked up and ate something from the dunes before I could grab it off him that was obviously toxic to dogs and is now being treated for acute pancreatitis.
I won’t know for a couple of days if it has done any serious damage and I couldn’t care less about the vets bill, I just want him to be ok and not suffer as he is now.
I wish people would start being more responsible and take their rubbish home!!! What they may see as harmless can easily kill dogs!🚫

Previously, we have know incidents of palm oil bring bring washed up on that beach, which is also very harmful to dogs.

Please stay alert when walking your dogs in these areas.

We wish Archie a swift recovery ❤️

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