Who is this little chap?

This Puppy will have a certain set of skills….

Lancashire Police are super excited to introduce our newest member of the police family… Trainee PD Hulk!

Hulk, a nine-week-old German Shepherd, joined Team Lancashire last week and is now beginning his training to see if he can cut it as our next general purpose dog.

If successful, he’ll be our first GP dog to be trained from being a puppy, in over 10 years. No pressure, Hulk 🐶

Once he’s ready, he’ll have an intensive 13 week training programme ahead of him (as you can tell, it’s very tiring work).

He looks cute and cuddly now, but we hope he has a bright future of tracking down baddies ahead of him. All being well, he’ll be paw-trolling the streets of Lancashire by the end of the year.

Good luck Hulk, we’re all rooting for you 🐶🙂🐶

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