Woman issues warning about attempted lure into van at Marton Asda

A young woman warns others to vigilant as she feels she had a lucky escape.

The local resident took to Facebook, giving a warning about a man luring her into the back of his van.
She worries it might be the same preditor reputedly preying on other young women in the area. It’s easy to become distracted with everything going on just know, and shares her experience.

She writes-
“Be careful fy4 area near big asda on Penrose avenue . This man approached me and my younger brother asking to go look at a mattress at the back of his van! I honestly shit myself and obviously said no and carried on walking at that point he was following us down Penrose as soon as I got my phone out he was off. I’m sure this is the same bloke who was creeping round fy4 area asking other parents/young women the same. Please be careful and make sure you lock your doors! If my instincts didn’t kick in . I don’t know if id be here writing this post!”

Please stay vigilant, and keep your instincts on high alert.

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