HM Coastguard Lytham have announced that yesterday was the busiest day of the year with TEN emergency call outs.

As the hottest day of the year so far came and went, the reports of missing children, helicopters zooming over our heads, drunks crowding the beaches and Lytham Green; it’s safe to say we’ve had enough drama to last the year.

HM Coastguard Lytham took to Facebook to warn locals and visitors of the dangers we are putting ourselves into when the sun comes out.

The coastguards stress how important it is to heed their warning, DO NOT take inflatables to the sea. Inflatables are generally made for use in pools; in the UK we don’t tend to have outdoor pools, and indoor pools are currently shut due to the pandemic – it is a serious risk taking them to use in the sea. The use of inflatables in the sea can lead to you or your children drifting out to see, it only takes a few seconds for everything to go wrong. The coastguard and the RNLI stress that they see this issue year in year out, as soon as the sun comes out.

It is also important that parents keep an eye on children when out on the beach, and agree on an easy-to-find meeting point if they get lost. This will avoid using valuable police and coastguard time.

The 10 call outs are listed:

  1. At 11.23 to reports of persons cut off on a small watercraft in St Anne’s, HM Coastguard arrived on scene to find it was an inflatable and the parents had swum out to recover the persons.
  2. At 12.26 to assist Blackpool Police to reports of 2 missing children on St Anne’s beach, the children were found safe and well.
  3. Finishing their previous job, they went to assist North West Ambulance Service medevac a casualty off the beach in St Anne’s.
  4. At 13.24 to reports of 3 missing children, they searched from St Anne’s to Blackpool and fortunately the children were found safe and well. Lytham St Anne’s RNLI page also assisted in the search.
  5. A child had been handed over to them as a member of the public found a lost child, their parents called 999 and went to the station to collect their child.
  6. Another 2 children who had been handed over to them at the station, their parents called 999 and came to the station to collect their children.
  7. At 17.29 to reports of a person pulled from the water in the Starr Gate area, they arrived on scene along with NWAS and North West Air Ambulance Charity response vehicle, they located the person and transferred into the care of NWAS. HM Coastguard Fleetwood also attended.
  8. As they were standing down from the previous job to assist RNLI Blackpool with searching for a possible missing person in the water, they spotted an object in the water around 3 miles off shore, they guided the Lifeboats to the location and fortunately it turned out to be a buoy.
  9. As they were assisting the lifeboats the ninth emergency call out came through as a frantic mother approached and told them her child was missing, as she was reporting it to the police, HM Coastguard Lytham and Fleetwood Coastguard did a hasty search of the beach and prom and fortunately the child was found at South Pier by Blackpool Police.
  10. Blackpool RNLI reported they had recovered 2 persons from the water that were drifting out to sea in inflatables. They assisted them at the tide line and gave the 2 people safety advice.