Zoflora all-purpose disinfectant is a popular product on the market, currently advertised on television as a natural way to clean surfaces, and for the pice of £2 from B&M and Home Bargains, it is a no brainer.

However, one dog owner has come out to warn others about the reaction this product can cause on dogs, after her dog was poisoned.

It is important to know what dogs can and can’t eat. A lot of greedy little pups will just eat anything, but dog owners must be careful with what products and foods are within reach of their precious pets – just like you would with your children.

Donna Brydon recently shared her experience on Facebook; ‘I thought my poor furbaby was on her way out. She was so sleepy, and her eye swelled up. Straight to the vet and this was the answer.’

After visiting a friend who used Zoflora disinfectant to clean their floor, Donna started to notice the swelling on her dog’s face and rushed her to the vet. Donna continued on her post, ‘Thankfully the medication the vet gave her has made her feel so much better.’

Zoflora uses the chemical benzalkonium chloride which lifts dirt from surfaces and kills bacteria. This is an ingredient in a number of cleaning products, but it does not always highlight it is harmful to pets.