From Fylde Council –

📢Look at what’s washed up on the shore at St Anne’s! 🌊🏖 It’s not a jellyfish, it’s a Portuguese Man O War!

This isn’t one animal, but a mass of smaller animals called zooids, which live together as a single floating colony.

They have a sail and gas bladder which allows them to be carried along ocean currents without having to use any energy! Unfortunately this also means that They have no control over where they drift, and can be stranded after being blown ashore by strong winds.💨 After last week’s stormy weather, Man O War have been spotted all over the North-West!⛈

If you do see one though, don’t touch! ⚠️They have a painful sting which they use to catch fish, but their tentacles can still sting after they are dead! ⚡️

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