11 call outs on Bank Holiday Monday for HM COASTGUARD LYTHAM 😬

Super busy day for our superheroes of the coast 🚔

Posted late last night from HM COASTGUARD LYTHAM – ❗Emergency call outs x3❗(May 31)

It’s not over until it’s over! Another 3 emergency call outs this evening in quick succession, which brings our total so far for today to 11!

We were called out at 20.34 this evening to assist Blackpool Police with a person in the water inbetween South & Central Pier, fortunately as we were on route the police had dealt with the situation so we were stood down.

RNLI Blackpool were also tasked but no launch was required.

Shortly after we were tasked to a missing child around the Central Pier area, whilst we were on route to this job, another report came in of a separate missing child around Manchester Square, some of our team went to Central whilst some other members went to Manchester Square, fortunately all missing kids were accounted for shortly after.

Please note, pictures were taken after all incidents were resolved.📷

999Coastguard #AlwaysOnCall #SearchRescueSave

A serious reminder however about safety around water, and keeping an eye on your children 👍 Thank you for everything you do HM COASTGUARD LYTHAM 👏👏

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