2023 Fylde Council Election – Find Your Candidates

During the 2023 Local Election, Lytham St Anne’s Voters will head to the polls to elect Councillors for the Fylde Council on Thursday 4th May 2023. This year, after new ward boundaries have come into effect, the number of Councillors representing Fylde Council have decreased from 51 to 37 with a number of Lytham St Anne’s Wards changing boundaries or losing some representation. The following list are the official slate of candidates for each ward that will be on the 2023 ballot. Incumbent councillors have been highlighted in bold. Voters will be able to vote for as many candidates as the number in brackets (2 or 3).

The Conservative Party have fielded the maximum number of candidates allowed in each Ward. The Labour Party have fielded at least one candidate in each Ward. In addition, 5 Liberal Democrats, 2 Green Party, 1 Alliance for Freedom and Democracy and 1 Reform UK candidates are standing for the smaller parties. There are also 16 Candidates standing without the backing of a political party – including a number of incumbent Councillors such as: Cllr Tim Armitt, Cllr Mark Bamforth, Cllr Brenda Blackshaw, Cllr Brian Gill and Cllr Julie Brickles.

Voters are reminded to take a form of photographic identification to the polling station as this will be the first election in the UK to require photo ID. Passport, Driving License, Bus Pass and more are all valid forms of ID. Voters without such ID can request a free Voter Authority Certification.

The deadline for registering to vote is Monday 17th April

The deadline for registering for Postal Vote is Tuesday 18th April (5pm) and the deadline to request a Proxy Vote is Tuesday 25th April (5pm).

Find your nearest polling station and which Ward you are located in on


List of Candidates

Ansdell and Fairhaven (2)

Name of Candidate Party
Chris DIXON Conservative Party
Richard Verran REDCLIFFE Conservative Party
Carol Ann GRADWELL Labour Party
Debbie Lisa HIRST Independent
Joe SHAW Independent
Patricia Anne FIELDING Green Party

Cllr Chris Dixon and Cllr Richard Redcliffe currently represent Ansdell Ward

Ashton (3)

Name of Candidate Party
Will HARRIS Conservative Party
Chris HEMBURY Conservative Party
Karen Roberta HARRISON Conservative Party
Bill TAYLOR Labour Party
Gail GOODMAN Independent
Ed NASH Independent
Beverley Susan HARRISON Liberal Democrats
Debra Karen CHALLINOR Reform UK

Cllr Will Harris currently represents Ashton Ward

Cllr Ed Nash currently represents Central Ward

Carnegie (2)

Name of Candidate Party
Susan Mary FAZACKERLEY Conservative Party
Cheryl Doreen LITTLE Conservative Party
Anne Maria DERIZZIO Labour Party
David James George ROBERTSON Independent
Christopher Mark WEBB Independent
Christine MARSHALL Liberal Democrats
Jason Austin MUGRIDGE #No Party Description#

Cllr Sue Fazackerley MBE currently represents Central Ward

Cllr Cheryl Little currently represents Fairhaven Ward

Heyhouses (3)

Name of Candidate Party
Ellie GAUNT Conservative Party
Vince SETTLE Conservative Party
Viv WILLDER Conservative Party
Lynn GOODWIN Labour Party
Viki MILLER Labour Party
Joanna Renee FLOWERS Independent
Stephen Robert Edward PHILLIPS Liberal Democrats

Cllr Ellie Gaunt currently represents Fairhaven Ward

Cllr Vince Settle & Cllr Viv Willder currently represents Heyhouses Ward

Kilgrimol (2)

Name of Candidate Party
Gavin William HARRISON Conservative Party
Brian Robert MCMILLAN Conservative Party
Tim ARMIT Independent
Oscar Michael MARSHALL Labour Party

Cllr Gavin Harrison currently represents Ashton Ward

Cllr Tim Armit currently represents Ashton Ward

Kilnhouse (3)

Name of Candidate Party
Karen Elizabeth BUCKLEY Conservative Party
David O’ROURKE Conservative Party
Roger Stephen SMALL Conservative Party
James Henry Robert TIMMS Labour Party
Joanne Lesley GARDNER Liberal Democrats
Karen Maureen HENSHAW Liberal Democrats
Cheryl Ann MORRISON Alliance for Democracy and Freedom

Cllr Karen Buckley currently represents St Leonards Ward and is Leader of Fylde Council

Cllr Roger Small currently represents Kilnhouse Ward and is Deputy Leader of Fylde Council

Cllr David O’Rourke currently represents Kilnhouse Ward

Lytham East (2)

Name of Candidate Party
Trevor Michael HART Conservative Party
Elizabeth Frances WATSON Conservative Party
Mark Elliott BAMFORTH Independent
Kelly FARRINGTON Independent
Marjorie Janet SHERWOOD Labour Party

Cllr Mark Bamforth currently represents St Johns Ward

Lytham West (2)

Name of Candidate Party
Peter ANTHONY Conservative Party
Andrew James REDFEARN Conservative Party
Gillian Rodgers OLIVER Labour Party
Bobby BLACK Green Party
Brenda BLACKSHAW  #No Party Description#
Paul OBRIEN  #No Party Description#

Cllr Peter Anthony and Cllr Brenda Blackshaw currently represents Clifton Ward

Park (2)

Name of Candidate Party
Michelle Jacqueline MORRIS Conservative Party
Mike WITHERS Conservative Party
Brian Douglas GILL Independent
Tim WOOD Independent
Peter James STEPHENSON Labour Party

Cllr Michelle Morris currently represents Fairhaven Ward

Cllr Mike Withers and Cllr Brian Gill currently represent Park Ward

Warton (2)

Name of Candidate Party
Sandra PITMAN Conservative Party
Bobby RIGBY Conservative Party
Julie Ann BRICKLES Independent
Phil GLAYSHER Labour Party

Cllr Bobby Rigby and Cllr Julie Brickles currently represents Warton & Westby Ward

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  1. We have already received a flyer for the Ashton ward from a Carol Lanyon who doesn’t appear to be on your list, has she withdrawn?
    Many thanks in advance

  2. How can I contact Tim Armit – he seems to have gone very quiet since he was elected.

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