St. Anne’s School To Provide Magic Breakfast To Improve Concentration, Behaviour, Punctuality & Attainment.

An initiative named Magic Breakfast which began in 2000 when founder Carmel McConnell learnt that many London pupils arrived at school malnourished and too hungry to learn has been brought to a primary school in St.Anne’s

Magic Breakfast is now available to all the pupils at Mayfield Primary School on St.Leonard’s Road East, seeing a  free breakfast being offered to nearly 300 children in the form of a nutritious bagel. The bagel is designed to give the children energy, protein, vitamins and minerals, and is low in sugar, salt and fat.

The Primary School’s Headteacher Glyn Denton (pictured below) is delighted Mayfield is involved, enthusing, ‘It is an exciting time to be at Mayfield and a fantastic opportunity to embrace. Magic Breakfast has produced great results over the years, with children’s concentration, behaviour, punctuality and educational attainment significantly improved. Our business Mrs Janice Thomason identified it as an exciting opportunity to support all children and families without any stigma attached and with the sole aim of creating children who feel better and can therefore learn and socialise more strongly than before.’

He continued to explain, ‘After our initial submission, we met the Magic Breakfast team so they could learn more about the school, get a feel for the environment and surrounding area, as well as gaining an understanding of the needs of the school and that of its pupils. We were delighted when our involvement was confirmed. Thanks to the Magic Breakfast team for their faith in us and identifying our school to be part of the vital initiative. It’s great we can greet the children and serve them breakfast on the premises. Whether they have breakfast at home or not, the message to them all is come and share a bagel each day under the Magic Breakfast scheme.’

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