MP Benton Launches Stinging Attack On The Blackpool Gazette

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton launched a stinging attack on The Blackpool Gazette calling the long established daily: ‘Our local left-wing paper’. MP Benton said that a recent article paper, centred upon his recent comments,  was a ‘laughable story.’

The article in question was centred upon MP Benton’s much criticised claims that “hundreds of millions of people” are trying to come to the UK before he claimed the “this country is nearly full”. He also implied immigration for the fact that, in his words, ‘Many residents in Blackpool South cannot access housing, struggle to obtain a GP appointment, and have little chance of finding an NHS dentist. They have paid into the system all their lives.’

In the article, the Gazette asked retired teacher Ken Cridland, a former head of physics, to cast his eye over the claims made by Mr Benton, himself a former primary school teacher. Basing his sums on last year’s asylum application figures, Mr Cridland estimated it would take us until the year 3411AD for just one hundred million people to apply for entry to the UK.’

Attacking the Gazette report, MP Benton says, ‘Our local left-wing paper has outdone itself this time, even by their standards! In critiquing my comments in Parliament earlier this week about illegal immigration, they have asked an expert on the subject for his take…

But it turns out that their ‘expert’ on illegal immigration matters, is actually a Labour supporting, trade unionist who’s a Physics teacher. Probably not the most authoritative voice on asylum and immigration then you may argue.

Unsurprisingly, he, and the Gazette have taken exception to my comments and completely missed the point in their dodgy analysis of the subject. All in their rush to oppose a government policy supported by a majority of the British people (and a majority locally I would guess too).

I stated that ‘Our public services are already creaking under enormous pressure, and we simply cannot accept hundreds of millions of people who would no doubt seek to come here for a better life. I am afraid that this country is nearly full.’

Facts: ✅ There are hundreds of millions of displaced people globally who are refugees. Some Labour and SNP MPs think we should have a system whereby anybody can apply for asylum in the UK from any country around the world, without coming to the UK first. This would mean that claims for asylum could be made by anybody in their home country. We are one of the most attractive countries in the world to live in and I’m sure that not just those displaced refugees, but millions of others would love to come here and as such they would apply to claim asylum here under such a system.

Under such circumstances, supported by some left-wing Labour MPs, we would no doubt receive millions of asylum claims a year. All of which would have to be processed costing you hundreds of millions of extra pounds a year. Money diverted from public services to look through asylum claims from around the world. And that’s without the billions of pounds we’d spend housing and providing people with public services.

The government recognise that such a system of applying to the UK for asylum from any country in the world is bonkers. Sadly, many on the left, including our local socialist press, don’t – they may support open borders to the UK but I don’t. ‘

Thanks however, for by promoting for speech! Even if your paper didn’t find room to cover the fact we got an additional £8 million in regeneration funding yesterday. following an article which began: ‘A retired physics teacher has done the workings out on Blackpool MP Scott Benton’s claim that “hundreds of millions of people” immigrant could come to the UK – and result is ‘must do better’!

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  1. Benton and his colleagues are now operating on their electioneering directive and their mission is to make everyone as angry and hateful as possible to win votes. They will attack anyone or anything which questions or disagrees with them. Sadly this will work on a few but the fact is – moderate, sensible people with an open mind and sense of fair play will dismiss it as tantrums supported by tax evading, non-dom owned press outlets purely to deflect from issues such as low pay, high taxes, NHS waiting lists, corruption, energy costs and tory ideology destroying living standards for the majority.

  2. The Tory’s record on immigration is appalling. It might be better for them if they didn’t draw attention to the fact.

  3. Don,t knock it till you,ve tried it,well I tried the Gazette , just the once, and that was enough.It should be called the Morning Star, which used to be the commie newspaper called the Daily Worker

  4. I have had a number of letters published in the Gazette in recent months, yes they were mostly critical of Johnson and Truss. But slightly supportive of Sunak, and traditional Conservative values. The balance of pro Tory and anti Tory letters published is quite equal. They publish a national half page article by a far right Reform Party women on a regular basis.

    They provide fair coverage of local Tory politicians that actually do positive things. Ben Wallace and Mark Menzies for example. Scott Benton is very desperate, and has decided his only chance is to obtain as much media coverage as possible. He does not care if it is positive or negative. After all it worked for Johnson (up to today).

    It is sad for some to see the Conservatives in total meltdown. All but one of their Councillors dislike Benton are are not at all keen on Maynard. I will be honest I voted Green last time, but do occasionally donate a few pounds to the Liberal Democrats, but will vote Labour tactically next time if they can win in Blackpool North. I will vote Labour in Ingthorpe Ward in May for Jon Bamborough.

  5. Usual Tory Whitewash.
    If something is not going their way – throw accusations of bias and leftism.
    Case in point- The current tribunal our clown of an ex-PM is squirming his way through.
    Calling it a kangaroo court, bias or misled evidence etc etc.
    Denial, denial, denial.
    Tories want it all their own way.
    They govern with lies and deceit.
    No-one is allowed to criticise them.
    Over-privileged dinosaurs.
    It’s time they became extinct.

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