90% Of Over-Fifties In Lytham St.Anne’s Now Fully Vaccinated

All over 50s having have now had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, given the 12-week spacing gap between doses, which was later shortened to eight weeks to help combat the rise of the now dominant mutant strain. However, latest NHS figures (up to 1st August) show that 2.5million over-50s (11 per cent) have not yet got their second jab and 2million have not had their first (nine per cent).

The statistics for our local neighbourhoods are as follows:

neighbourhood number of over 50s Number of over 50s fully vaccinated % fully vaccinated
St. Anne’s North & Airport 3,607 3,345 92.7%
Lytham 5,023 4,591 91.4%
St. Anne’s Town 5,799 5,124 88.4%
St. Anne’s 2,824 2,470 87.5%


For comparison, 22 areas have double-jabbed more than 96 per cent of their over-50s, with Morpeth South and West in Northumberland (96.6%) and Eccleston in Lancashire (96.5%) leading the way.  Harehills South in Leeds has reached the fewest over-50s, with just 52% of the population being double-jabbed.

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