A Dingy Drifting Out To Sea With Two People Aboard Is Rescued At Sunset Last Night

A dingy drifting out to sea with two people aboard was rescued last night (Thursday 2nd September) with the speedy assistance of HM Coastguard Lytham.  It was at 7.28 p.m. during yesterday’s beautiful sunset that the brave volunteers from were tasked to reports of an inflatable dinghy with people aboard which was drifting out to sea.

The volunteers once again quickly arrived on scene and found two people aboard a small inflatable boat struggling to get back to shore. RNLI Blackpool also arrived on scene shortly after and with their D class lifeboat assisted the inflatable back to shore, where the volunteers passed stern safety advice to the boaters. People were then cleared off sandbanks in the area. This incident was in exactly same area as the Coastguard were called to earlier this week when they rescued two people clinging onto inflatables.

The volunteers were then called out at 8.30 p.m. to reports of a person laid on the beach, possibly entering the water.  They assisted the person away from danger, they were then passed into the care of Blackpool Police.

Once again, people are urged NOT to use inflatables on open water, it’s extremely dangerous and you will get swept out to sea

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