On the 22nd June a local took to Facebook to share the sign post that had been erected on Lytham Quays. This sign stated that the Quays is private land with dogs to be permitted on leads and pedestrians stick to footpaths. It also listed ‘prohibited’ activities in the area, asking pedestrians to respect the privacy of the residents.

This post caused outrage on Facebook, with hundreds of locals taking to the comments section to display their anger.

A local named Samantha Cunningham wrote a comment stating that she presumed that the person who created this sign was someone she came in contact with recently:

“I presume the person responsible for this is the lady that ruined what had otherwise been a lovely day for my family.

Firstly, we hadn’t seen each other for 12 weeks as my parents are over 70 and my mother has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Lockdown proved really difficult for them as mum has rapidly started to deteriorate and my poor dad is really struggling on his own.

So, the day the lockdown law changed was dad’s birthday so we decided to do a social distancing picnic so we could all get together. My sister lives on the quays so we decided the green there would be perfect for my 3-year-old as it is safe and also perfect for my mum as it’s so quiet, she gets very jumpy around people and noise.

We had a lovely few hour, was fabulous to see each other, all kept our distance, no loud music and we all picked up our rubbish. My 23 year old and his cousin did have a kick about but literally bothering nobody.

As we were leaving a lady from one of the houses took it up on herself to come over and request we don’t come back as it ruined her view and it was private property. To say it put a dampener on the day is an understatement. What sort of person does that? Given the circumstances etc why would you take it up on yourself to upset people?

We didn’t react and left quietly but I have been fuming ever since. To see they have taken it upon themselves to get a sign made is laughable it’s so sad. I’m sorry my dear but your land stops at the fence you have no right to tell people that also live on the quays not to sit there. Just because you have a big house on the front does not mean you have a right to say who can sit on the green in front of it.

Pathetic is an understatement.”

After the images went viral and over 300 comments on 2 different posts were made, as well as locals phoning and emailing with complaints – the conservatives have taken action.

In a post on Facebook they have stated:

“We received several emails and phone calls about signage that was erected on Lytham Quays.

This has now been removed and the posts that are cemented Into the ground will be removed as soon as possible!

Thank you all for bringing this to our attention so we can take action!”