Aggressive, Threatening & Intimidating Behaviour By Swearing, Screaming LSA High School Parents Flagged Up By Headteacher

Ray Baker, the Headteacher of Lytham St. Anne’s High School (pictured below) has shared a significant, unacceptable issue which is centred upon an increase in aggressive, threatening and intimidating behaviour by some parents towards his colleagues. He says that In recent weeks parents have sworn, screamed and threatened violence  – and he states that this cannot be tolerated.

The Headteacher of the School has written to parents and carers saying:

‘Sadly, this term has also seen an increase in aggressive, threatening and intimidating behaviour by some parents towards colleagues at school.  THIS IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE AND WE CAN’T TOLERATE IT.   Definitions of unacceptable behaviour are detailed in our Parental Cooperation Policy along with the actions we have available to us as a school.

We embrace our responsibility to educate and develop your child and we do everything we can for them to enjoy school and succeed.  Sometimes we have to deal with highly emotional situations and recognise the strain and upset this can have on students and families and we do everything we can to help, guide and support this.  In recent weeks we have had parents swear, scream, demand immediate appointments.  We have been threatened with violence, student removal, reporting us to Ofsted, the press and the local MP.  We do not always get everything right at school but we have clear complaints policies to go through when we don’t.  We are finding that where people are not getting the response they want (i.e. dictating the level of punishment of another child) this is quickly leading to aggressive behaviour and irrational decisions. We know this is a tiny percentage of our community, but in support of our colleagues, we can’t allow this at LSA where we aim to model the behaviours we expect in our students at all times.’

On a brighter note he also adds:

‘We have recently been informed that we are now due to move into the new building over the Easter holidays, six weeks after the initial planned handover.  I will update students and families as soon as we get more information.  I will also share a presentation this half term showing more of the fantastic new resource.’

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