Amanda Warnock From Fylde Mortgages Can Truly Assist At This Most Challenging Time

With the increase in the Bank of England Base Rate hitting the headlines this week, the impact on mortgages and financial services is well documented.  And with many commentators suggesting that further increases may be on the way, this is a stressful time for those who have hopes and dreams of getting on the housing ladder, those buying their first home and those with now ever increasing mortgage demands.  However, professional assistance for all seeking advice and help at this difficult time is at hand.

Fylde Mortgages is a local company with a deep, professional understanding of not only their clients’ immediate needs, but also their future aspirations. Amanda Warnock from Fylde Mortgages has taken the time to introduce herself and offers her expertise at this most challenging time.

‘ My name is Amanda Warnock and its myself who you will speak to when you contact Fylde Mortgages. With over 17 years’ experience there is nothing that I haven’t seen before and no such thing as a ‘daft’ question. It was never my dream to be a mortgage adviser but the feeling of helping people with such a huge part of their lives became addictive! And in times like the current cost of living crisis I love nothing more than saving people money, especially on the Fylde where I live but thanks to technology, I can now help anyone in the UK.

I can help you with anything mortgage and protection related and specialise in equity release. This is an amazing product which can help homeowners over the age of 55, remain in their property for life, pay off an interest only mortgage, help kids/grandkids get on the property ladder and any other reason you can think of.

I also save people time as everything can be done over the phone and by email to make things as efficient as possible for you but if you would prefer me to pop round to see you, that isn’t a problem either.

It will only ever be myself that you speak to and its genuinely never too early to start getting your ducks in a row. Whether it’s just an initial idea, you have had an offer accepted on a property or your current fixed rate has 6m or less to run and you want professional help finding you the best deal in this ever-changing market, feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat.’

You can contact Amanda on   07969 320978 or email


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