An Oil Slick Could Affect Lytham St.Anne’s Coast After Fuel Pipe Fails

A release of approximately 500 barrels of oil occurred yesterday (Monday 14th February) from a pipeline between Conwy (North Wales) and Douglas (Isle of Man).  There is concern that this leak  could now affect the Fylde coastline;

The pipeline is run by the oil company Eni, who confirmed the leak in a statement. In their statement, Eni said: ‘Eni UK Ltd confirms that a limited hydrocarbons release of less than 500 barrels occurred on Monday, February 14 from its pipeline between the Conwy and Douglas Installations, approximately 33km from the North Wales coast. Details of the incident are still being confirmed. The Conwy to Douglas line was shut immediately and remains off. All the relevant authorities have been promptly informed and we are working in full collaboration with them. There is no impact to any personnel on the installations. An Incident Management Team has been mobilised and is working closely with the relevant authorities and response contractors to understand the situation and minimise any effect to the environment.’

The Environment Agency are currently working to investigate the cause and reduce any possible impacts to the environment and say that members of the public can report incidents of this nature to their 24/7 incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Wyre Council has shared this information, ‘Reports at the moment suggest it won’t be a slick but rather tar balls at this time.’ Blackpool Council’s spokesperson added: “We are aware and any announcements would be made from the Coastguard Service. We are monitoring our coastlines for any spillage being washed up.’

Featured photograph is an illustration of an underwater oil pipe and is not the one detailed in the article.

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