A worried shopper has contacted Lytham St Anne’s News this afternoon sharing their deep concerns following an act of total thoughtlessness and stupidity witnessed today.
The shopper states, ‘I was shopping in my usual Lytham St Anne’s supermarket today, taking the opportunity to select a few items from the bakery area. A female shopper with a boy of primary school age (who should have been at school at this time) let out the most enormous, uncovered sneeze over the exposed fresh products. Unconcerned she picked up a few items by hand, not using the provided tongs, and put them in one of the bags provided. If this wasn’t bad enough, the boy picked up a donut, saying that he wanted it. After a brief argument, he was told – “No, you can’t have it – put it back!” Back went the donut from the boy’s hand into the display.
If the boy wasn’t at school because he was poorly, he could have easily spread his germs. Even so with the previous huge, uncovered sneeze from the female the exposed display had been sprayed! I reported the incident to the duty manager, who was courteous, but simply said that he regretted the incident and would ‘investigate’.
The safeguards against the coronavirus, announced by the Government, do not seem to include the next steps to avoid contamination as a consequence of incidents such as this. The impact of such an inconsiderate, uncaring incident could be even more severe in forthcoming weeks.

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