An Upscaled Bigger, Taller & Brighter Big Wheel For Central Pier

The landmark, illuminated Central Pier Big Wheel is to be replaced by an even bigger, taller and iridescently brighter Big Wheel. The huge attraction, which will cost £4 million, will take a year to make and hopefully open before summer 2023.

The new Big Wheel will feature accessible carriages that are wheelchair friendly and VIP carriages for that special moment. The carriages will be partly enclosed to protect riders from the weather, so making it even more of an all-year round attraction. Its sustainable and state of the art technologies will see immediate results in reducing energy consumption which will be the first chapter in a greener energy revolution that the Company is working towards.

The Blackpool Pier Company, which owns the resort’s three piers, said: ‘It’s been something we’ve been planning for a while and we couldn’t be prouder to be part of something that will help shape the future of Blackpool’s tourism by upscaling this iconic attraction. We are, as they say, going large!”

Blackpool has been the home of big wheels for many decades, as these old postcards depict…….

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