It has been confirmed that cats as a species are susceptible to COVID-19, as it was reported that a US zoo tested their tigers for coronavirus, and the results came back positive. This occurred in April, amidst the ‘Tiger King’ craze, which went viral.

Today it has been reported that a pet cat in the UK has tested positive for coronavirus along with its owners. The family have chosen to remain anonymous, therefore we cannot confirm where this occurred, however we know that the family live in England.

The government have announced that the cat did not transmit the virus to its owners, in fact it was the reverse. A spokesperson for the government has commented, “All available evidence suggests that the cat contracted the coronavirus from its owners who had previously tested positive for COVID-19. The cat and its owners have since made a full recovery and there was no transmission to other animals or people in the household.”

There is no evidence that dogs can contract the virus, however officials believe the virus can linger on their coats, allowing transmission through contact.

The government warns all cat owners to be on high alert, and to consider not allowing pet cats out of the house whilst self-isolating.