Anti-fracking Protestors Unfurl Banner, Shout Slogans & Interrupt PMs Speech

Rebecca Newsom, Green Peace’s Head of Public Affairs, and Ami McCarthy, its Policy Officer, loudly heckled the Prime Minister from one of the front rows of the ICC auditorium in Birmingham today (Wednesday 5th October). They were demonstrating against the lifting of the fracking ban. The activists held up a sign which said ‘Who voted for this?’ before they were bundled out by security.

Liz Truss said in response: ‘Later on in my speech I’m going to talk about the anti-growth coalition. I think they arrived a bit too early.’ Tory Party members responded with a supportive standing ovation amid shouts of ‘go Liz’.

The protest came after Ms Truss arrived on stage to the 90’s classic ‘Moving On Up’ by M People and received a standing ovation from members of the Tory party.

This did not go down well with Mike Pickering, M People founder and co-composer of the anthem ‘Moving On Up’. He angrily complained, ‘I don’t want my song being a soundtrack to lies.’

Former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas supported the anti-fracking protest, tweeting: ‘Great to see @greenpeace in Tory party conference asking who voted for this? They’re right – nobody voted for more fracking, tearing up nature protections or the £ in free fall. We need a general election now.’

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