April’s Full ‘Pink’ Moon In Full Phase Tonight – A Moon Masked In Mystery

The April Full Moon is set to shine brightly at 5:34 a.m. tomorrow morning (6th April) when reaching its full phase. It is named a Pink Moon – although will not turn pink, remaining its grey colour – so termed as it heralded the appearance of Phlox Subulata or Moss Pink – one of Spring’s first ground flowers. However, if you aren’t able to observe the pink moon so early in the morning, don’t worry as all is not lost! It will appear full until Friday morning this week.

As the Pink Moon peaks take care – it could trigger sleep issues, anxiety and even violence. For generations, many people have also believed that full moons are linked to anxiety and even violent behaviour. This idea goes all the way back to Aristotle who believed that water in the brain makes humans susceptible to lunar phases. This how the disparaging term ‘lunatic’ once was part of everyday language.

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