Are Current Covid-19 Regulations Becoming Too Wide Ranging And Onerous To Police?

Whilst data is not specific for Lytham St. Anne’s, statistics have been shared by Lancashire Constabulary with regard to the number of fines issued to those breaking the wide range of new Covid-19 regulations in the county.  And the updated data shows a very low number of penalties.

For example, under Covid-19 rules holiday makers and travellers returning from certain countries not named on or removed from on the current travel corridor list must self-isolate for two weeks. Data published by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) shows just 13 fines were recorded by Lancashire Constabulary between 27th March and September 21st for people failing to quarantine. Our police force was one of just 14 across England and Wales to issue fines, with only 38 dished out in total.

Separate NPCC figures show that an additional 38 fines for breaking Covid-19 lockdown laws were issued in Lancashire between August 18 and September 21.  Lancashire Police have so far given out only four fines for failing to wear a face covering on public transport or in shops.

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