Are You Ready For Our New PM Rishi Sunak?

Penny Mordaunt has pulled out of Tory leadership race, making way for Rishi Sunak to become next Prime Minister.

Her decision came after Boris Johnson also withdrew from the contest on Sunday evening, despite claiming he had the backing of at least the 100 MPs required to make it on to the ballot.

There were loud cheers and bangs on the tables from Conservative MPs in the room as Sir Graham Brady announced that they only received one nomination for the new leader of the party. He therefore declared Rishi Sunak to be the next party leader.

This now leaves the path open for Mr Sunak, who has a chance of picking up the keys to Downing Street as early as today. He will become the youngest PM in the modern era to enter Number 10, at the age of 42 – younger even than David Cameron in 2010 and Tony Blair in 1997. Like many PMs. Sunak went to Oxford, where he studied PPE Philosophy, Politics and Economics). It seems apt that the UKs first Hindu Prime Minister takes power on Diwali.

This should please Fylde MP Mark Menzies who has consistently backed Sunak for PM.

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