A young mother today has told Lytham St Anne’s News of her concerns over speeding cars on Ballam Road, Lytham.

“I was taking my little boy home from the children’s nursery, and currently I am without a car.  I was coming out of the entrance way to the nursery and a car came speeding past, it was so fast it seemed like 100mph.  The lighting is so incredibly poor and there are no traffic calming measures, and no speed cameras I have seen.  There is a serious tragic accident waiting to happen.  So frequently I see cars hurtling down this road without a single care in the world.  With a children’s nursery being on this road I really feel there should be a zebra crossing and better street lighting”.

Ballam Road has seen its fair share of accidents over the past few years including a fatal one in 2011, and regrettably nothing has been done about it.


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