Benton Says Public Services Are “Creaking” As “Hundreds Of Millions” Want To Come To UK

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has appeared yesterday evening (Tuesday 14th March) on GB News, this time defending his comments in The House of Commons in which he warned of “hundreds of millions of people” trying to come to the UK before claiming the “this country is nearly full”. He appeared to blame immigration for the “creaking” public services which the country is enduring.  He admitted that his constituency of Blackpool South is the most deprived in England saying ‘Many residents in Blackpool South cannot access housing, struggle to obtain a GP appointment, and have little chance of finding an NHS dentist. They have paid into the system all their lives.

However, many have responded to this latter point by arguing that not only the Tory’s previous policy of severe austerity, but also other subsequent imposed cuts are actually the reason for the current massive problems faced in everyday life by so many people in the UK.

For example, MP Nadia Whittome said,’ Let me remind Scott Benton that the reason our public services are crumbling and people cannot see a dentist, and the reason NHS workers are queuing up at food banks and parents are living on their children’s leftovers, is nothing to do with migrants, asylum seekers or refugees; it is the fact that his party has been in power for the last 13 years.’

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  1. Not so much from the ignorant turd Benton now that he’s under investigation for alleged impropriety in his role as local MP

  2. Blackpool is so deprived not because of asylum seekers but because of 13 years of b’stard Tories.
    Benton is vile

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