BIG Changes Planned For St. Anne’s Road West

Fylde Council say that the St Anne’s Event Square Project, the first initiative under the St Anne’s Masterplan, is set to transform St Anne’s Road West into a vibrant hub for hosting events. The target is to complete the construction of this events space by next Summer, 2024.  The Council add  that this  development will enhance the existing event venues in St Anne’s, providing a dedicated facility that aligns with the vision outlined in the masterplan.

The St Anne’s Masterplan was formally adopted by the Planning Committee in July 2022 and serves as a strategic framework for the future development of St Anne’s. The masterplan document is available as a background paper, providing further insights into the vision and objectives of the project.

The St Anne’s Event Square Project includes these developments:

  • To repave the entire carriageway creating a feature surface
  • To provide bollard control line -manual fold line
  • To introduce catenary lighting to the existing columns
  • To feature timber benches
  • To improve existing planting and introduce semi-mature trees
  • To provide up-lighting to band stands

The full list is in the plans illustration below.

The Council say that the Event Square will serve as a versatile venue for various events to be delivered as part of the St Anne’s Events Programme, a separate project funded by the UKSPF. This initiative, scheduled for implementation in 2024/2025, aims to foster community engagement and support the growth of St Anne’s as an events destination. In collaboration with existing partner organisations and potential private events companies, the Event Square will offer a dynamic space for hosting a wide range of activities.  Alongside the Event Square, the other key priorities to be addressed are improved lighting, signage and renewed CCTV.

The Council’s Executive Committee has given the green light for the fully funded addition of £1.5m to the Council’s Capital Programme, which is made up of £857,000 from the Council’s Capital Investment Reserve, £160,000 funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Programme (UKSPF), £250,000 from Lancashire County Council, and capital virements of £233,000.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Karen Buckley said: ‘We are thrilled to announce the St Anne’s Event Square as the initial project of the St Anne’s Masterplan. This significant investment reflects our commitment to the economic and cultural development of St Anne’s, providing a dedicated facility for events to bring visitors into the heart of the town.  We are responding to the priority needs of our shopkeepers and business owners who have been clear with their request for an upgrade to the Square that will be flexible enough for festivities and celebrations all year round.’

To meet the project timeline, the target is to complete the construction of the events space by Summer 2024 after a period of consultation with residents, businesses and stakeholders which will inform the final design. This will enable the hosting of events throughout the summer holidays and the remainder of the financial year until March 2025. The Event Square will become the focal point for event delivery in St Anne’s, complementing other scenic locations such as the beach and Ashton Gardens.


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