It has been reported that yesterday between 1-2pm a bike was stolen from Farina & Co in Lytham on South Clifton Street. The bike was stolen around the back of Clifton Street.

A witness has come forward and shared their account of the incident:

“They came out of a large black chelsea tractor car that I seen parked up suddenly outside my neighbours. Because all the garages are access only I am always policing the parking. However a girl was in the driving position and two lads got out. Before I could question the parking I noticed they pressed against the door of a neighbours gate the opposite end so I thought they were friends of my neighbour. It is strange however that while they were walking round to the shops that they parked at the far end of South Clifton Street. Two hundred metres away.”

Farina & Co are a well known Italian restaurant in Lytham who have been celebrated for their generosity to NHS workers during the pandemic. During lockdown, the restaurant gave free food to NHS workers, which helped massively after long shifts on the front-line.

If anyone has any information please get in touch with Farina: 01253 730053

AND call 101 to contact the Police.

You may also message Lytham St Annes News on our Facebook and we will pass the message on.