As lockdown restrictions ease, businesses including non-essential shops, restaurants, pubs, etc. are starting to open. However, these companies cannot pick up where they left off; the world is going to be completely different until the virus is eradicated once and for all.

In order to reopen, businesses (especially restaurants and bars) must follow strict health and safety guidelines in order to protect their employees and the public. Blackpool Council have released a checklist to help businesses place measures in the workplace.

Lindsey Milner from Blackpool Council has released an email to businesses around the area that are preparing to open on Saturday 4th July.

Key points made on the checklist are:

Employee Safety

  • Workplaces should encourage employees to work at home, however if required to be at work, they must keep to the 2 metre social distancing rules at all times, including breaks.
  • Employers must encourage workers to only come in when well, and if no one in their household is self-isolating.
  • Introduce ‘buddy systems’, where if employees must work together, minimise the group, i.e. the same 2 people must always work together on shift rather than with a mixture of other people.
  • Provide multiple hand-washing stations with soap, hot and cold running water. Ensure all staff members are continuously washing their hands, or use hand sanitisers if facilities not available.
  • Workers should cover any coughs or sneezes with a tissue, then dispose of the tissue in a bin and immediately wash their hands. Anyone with a persistent cough should not be at work.

Public Safety

  • Introduce telephone, email and internet ordering/booking to limit public access to premises.
  • Provide delivery and takeaway services.
  • Provide hand sanitiser with alcohol content of at least 60%.
  • Limit the number of customers on the premises.
  • Implement one way systems where possible – use signage and floor markings, close off aisles.
  • If the premises becomes too busy disallow/pause serving new customers
  • Control the queue outside, using markings for 2 metre spacing, ensure the queue is not blocking pavement, allowing pedestrians to walk past with a 2 metre space.

Food Safety

  • Review Food Safety Management System and identify any new risks that may have arisen due to Covid-19.
  • Avoid the use of shared condiments, provide individual condiments or sachets.
  • Ensure all staff know what controls they need to carry out to keep food safe, provide training where necessary.

The checklist has covered many elements of a business from public safety to toilet usage.

See complete checklist HERE