Blackpool Dad Brutally Broke Eye Socket & Jaw Of The Mother Of His Son

Karl Machin, 43, of Charles Street, Blackpool, has pleaded guilty to causing GBH with intent and has been  sentenced him to seven years and two months in prison.

Preston Crown Court heard that Machin, who has a history of violence towards women, flew into a rage and punched his partner, the mother of his son, as hard as he could. During the attack, the woman lost consciousness three times but Machin woke her up to attack her further. As a consequence of the attack the traumatised woman suffered a broken eye socket and jaw.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said: “‘I can still hear the sound of punches slapping off my face. I could not protect myself because I was semi-conscious, I couldn’t see or move, but I could hear him muttering ‘slag’ while he punched me, breaking my eye socket and my jaw. I am truly traumatised. I suffer flashbacks day and night, panic attacks and night terrors. There is not one night that goes past where I don’t wake up from vivid night terrors about the hell he has put me through by breaking my face.’

Sentencing Machin to seven years and two months in prison, Preston Crown Court Judge Richard Gioserano said, ‘You pose a serious risk to the public, in particular a particular sector of the public, namely women who are either your partners or former partners.’

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