Blackpool Driving Test Centre To Remain OPEN Until 31st May As Search For New Centre Continues

The Blackpool Driving Test Centre situated on Warbreck Hill Road was marked for closure today (Thursday 30th March) after the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) was served notice to leave by the landlord of the site.

The DVSA had timetabled a temporary move to the HGV Test Centre in Kirkham, but following a discussion with the landlord the agency has organised an extension to its lease until 31st May.

A DVSA spokesperson said: ‘After talks with the landlord, our lease at Blackpool driving test centre has been extended until Wednesday, May 31. The DVSA is committed to finding a permanent location for driving tests in Blackpool. All tests booked in Kirkham will now be relocated to Blackpool for the same date and time.’

The DVSA adds that learners will receive further information and  confirmation of this in the coming days.

In addition, the DVSA has announced changes to its booking system today (Thursday 30th March), in its aims to tackle its tests backlog. The agency said it is altering the system to discourage drivers from booking tests before they are ready, which will free up slots for those who are. The DVSA plans to extend the period that those who fail their test have to wait before booking another test from 10 to 28 days, and extend the notice period during which a cancelled car test will result in a lost fee from three to 10 days.

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  1. The changes DVSA propose to make regarding the timing of cancellation of tests and waiting times before being able to take another test were the subject of a “consultation” aimed at Learner Drivers and Driving Instructors. In spite of there being a majority against the changes the DVSA are going ahead anyway. DVSA have a history of implementing changes even when the majority of respondents are against the changes. It begs the question why bother with a consultation if the results aren’t going to be taken onboard.

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