Blackpool Is Scotland’s Number One Holiday Destination This Year

The British seaside is the top holiday destination for Scots this year – and Blackpool is the number one choice for a staycation for those living North of the Border!

A new survey has shown that 89% of Scots are too scared to travel abroad due to the international impact of Covid-19 and that new Government restrictions could be instantly enforced. The 2021 Travelodge Holiday Index says 70% of people from Scotland are planning to take a Summer holiday – with 78% of these holidaying in Britain. Sun, Sea, Sand is what Scottish holidaymakers are craving the most and Blackpool is the top coastal destination for Scots this year.

Top 2021 destinations are:

  1.  Blackpool
  2.  Whitby
  3.  St Andrews (Fife)
  4.  Scarborough
  5.  Weymouth
  6.  Great Yarmouth
  7.  Torquay
  8.  Bridlington
  9.  Dundee
  10.  Devon

The report also revealed that people from Aberdeen plan to spend the most on their staycation.   Here is the average spend per family on a British staycation:

1      Aberdeen   £1,420

2      Glasgow    £1,026

3      St Andrews £1,015

4      Stirling       £1,007

5      Inverness  £1,000

6      Dundee     £998

7      Fort William £890

8      Edinburgh  £878

9      Dumfries    £869

10     Perth          £850

Shakila Ahmed, spokesperson for Travelodge, said ‘The results from our 2021 Holiday Index report is certainly encouraging news for the UK hospitality sector.’

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