Blackpool South MP Scott Benton Criticises Stella Creasy Tweeting ‘What Makes You So Special’.

Labour MP Stella Creasy has faced a backlash today after she complained about being censured by Parliamentary Authorities for taking part in a Commons debate while carrying her young son.

Joining the backlash, Blackpool South Tory MP Scott Benton (pictured below) has questioned why she needed to bring her son to work.

‘Parents who get paid a fraction of what you do pay for childcare and juggle responsibilities so they can go to work,’ the Blackpool South MP said.

‘What makes you so special?’  (see Tweet below)

The Walthamstow MP was rebuked for carrying 13-week-old son Pip, who she is still breastfeeding, in a sling during a discussion on Black Friday regulations.  She has previously taken part in debates in the Commons chamber while carrying one of her two children, and following the 2019 election was sworn in while carrying daughter Hettie.

The Speaker has today (24th November, 2021) announced that the House of Commons will review rules that led to Stella Creasy being reprimanded for bringing her young baby while she spoke at a debate in Parliament.

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