Blackpool South MP Scott Benton Marries His Partner Harry Symonds

MP Scott Benton’s Wikipedia page has been updated today (Tuesday 7th December) to share the news that he has married his partner Harry Symonds.

The Blackpool South Conservative MP celebrated tying the knot to Harry Symonds following a private ceremony at the House of Commons. Pictures of the wedding celebrations were posted publicly by Mr Symonds-Benton online, where they were are currently ‘liked’ by more than 200 people, offering their congratulations to the happy couple

However, there is also criticism of Mr Benton’s who called for the Human Rights Act to be scrapped, just prior to his same-sex marriage.

The Blackpool Gazette has reported that yesterday (Monday 6th December), MP Benton said he isn’t a hypocrite – insisting he just wants to get rid of the parts of the Act that affect foreigners trying to move to Britain.

He said: ‘’My view, not that I even need to explain it in this context, is that the Human Rights Act should be scrapped and replaced with a ‘British Bill of Rights’; coincidentally a view shared by millions of British people and was in the Tory Party manifesto on several occasions. This would not interfere in any way with the rights British people enjoy, as they would be protected. Reforming the HRA is specifically designed to assist reforms to the immigration and asylum system to ensure that these work properly. It would not affect marriage – or same-sex marriage – in any way whatsoever.’

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