Blackpool South MP Scott Benton Supports Boris Johnson Who Survives As Prime Minister

Blackpool South MP, Scott Benton today encouraged other MPs to follow him and back the beleaguered Prime Minister, saying , ‘The Prime Minister has my full support. Mistakes in No 10 have been made but there is no doubt that Boris is the best person to face the challenges that lie ahead. I urge colleagues to come together and get behind him.’

He later added, ‘Boris is a proven winner. He’s delivered Brexit, got us through Covid and is delivering support to tackle the cost of living. Make no mistake, many in the red wall voted specifically for Boris in 2019 – no other Tory leader could reach the parts of the country he has.’

In tonight’s vote 211 Tory MPs voted for the Prime Minister, 148 voted against.

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  1. So glad Boris has been got the Conservative vote tonight. This bunch of over-privileged MP’s with their lack of empathy with those who DID follow the rules and their insistence on ‘moving on’ – how do you move on when you lost so much while they partied? – are supposed to be ‘representing the public’. Now the public can vote for the government and the leadership that they want. Let’s look forward to the next elections when we can express how we really feel!!!!

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