A 14-year-old boy from Blackpool has been prosecuted for kicking a police officer’s head like it was a football.

The unnamed youth was a member of a gang of teenagers causing trouble on Gorton Street and Caunce Street areas. Police were sent to the scene and tried to arrest one of the teenagers, when the accused punched him in the head and ran away.

The police managed to trace him and when attempting to arrest him at his home he resisted and swore at the officers.

Two months later a second incident in the same area was reported, when police arrived at the scene the youth reappeared from the crowd and kicked another officer in the head which knocked him unconscious.

The youth pleaded guilty to two police assaults and resisting arrest.

As these were the 14-year-old’s first offences, the judge gave him a 12 month referral order. Compensation of £200 will be paid to the officer who was kicked, and £50 to the officer who was punched.

The judge reprimanded the defendant: “These are serious offences. You punched one officer on the head, then resisted arrest and two months later kicked another officer in the head knocking him out.

“You are a lucky young man to have family supporting you. Many youths who come before me do so abandoned by their parents with no support.”