Blackpool Trams will start running again from Sunday 19th July. Blackpool Transport say that trams will run up to every 20 minutes, with the last tram being at around 19:30. The tram service has been suspended since Sunday 29th March.

Meanwhile, on the buses, Service 7 will see a slight change to its route. The service will not travel as far as Clifton Hospital from 12th July and will begin/end in St Anne’s Square.   Blackpool Transport say they have made sure that the Service 17 runs often enough for customers travelling to Clifton Hospital and customers can easily change buses at St Anne’s Square if they need to travel towards Lytham.

And as social distancing travel guidance has changed, more seats will be available on-board buses from 4th July, with customers being asked to maintain a 1 metre distance. However, you must wear a face covering whilst using buses and trams unless you are exempt, and Blackpool Transport say you should only travel if you need to.