Blackpool’s Dismayed Hotel Workers and Owners Plan Peaceful Protest

Covid-19 has had an enormous impact on the economy, especially for towns that heavily rely on tourism. Blackpool has been hit harder than most this year, with the vast amount of B&Bs which are usually packed full of tourists, are suddenly empty.
This has wreaked havoc on Blackpool behind the scenes, with many locals being made redundant and many hotels and B&Bs closing their doors forever due to no income.
Since becoming a ‘Very High Risk, Tier 3’ area, the government have advised against travel, as well as disallowing households to meet up, meaning tourism in Blackpool and surrounding areas has seen a dramatic drop. However, as it is not illegal and only ‘disallowed’, there are no grants and furlough schemes for hotels and B&Bs, meaning no income at all.
Facing this issue, hotel and B&B owners in Blackpool are coming together to plan a peaceful protest, with social distancing, to draw awareness to the situation that many locals have been left in.
A post on social media has read:
“To all hotel workers and b&b owners, we are now facing a very difficult time and because of this we are planning a peaceful protest to draw awareness to the situation that most of us have been left in.
The government have chosen not to close us down, however they have set restrictions so people can’t or are advised against travel and overnight stays.
We have worked hard during the summer and looked after the tourists and now we need the support. People are now losing their jobs.
We need financial support and in order to achieve this we need to be closed down by the government so we can get furloughed and save our jobs and much loved Hotels/B&Bs,
So if you can show your support please join us at Gynn Square car park on Wednesday 21st at 12pm to try and save us all!!!
Please remember this is a peaceful protest and social distancing and masks are required. Bring banners etc to help attract attention.”
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