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Blackpool’s Sandcastle finally ban nudist events at the popular family waterpark attraction

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Following protests and riots in Blackpool over the past couple of years, the nudist event organised by the British Naturism, has been banned from Blackpool’s popular waterpark attraction, The Sandcastle.

Protesters gathered outside of the waterpark during the event that was named “a family event”, where protesters showed their disgust for the lack of safeguarding for children in the venue. The events were held publicly, with children of all ages able to watch and swim in the same areas.

It has now been confirmed by The Sandcastle, that they will not allow any future naturism events held by the organisation, in a hope to protect the children and families who visit the attraction.

Managing director, John Child has released a statement: “As a multi-award winning attraction, with an outstanding reputation, we always listen to our guests and this particular event has created adverse publicity and negative feedback, hence why we have made this decision.”

Local Fleetwood councillor Colette Fairbanks has expressed how happy she is with the decision made to ban these events. “I am delighted by this outcome and hope other waterparks follow suit,”

“Other venues have banned these events from taking place in the future or they have made them 18+ only events, which I personally don’t have a problem with. I am not against Naturists but these so called family events are open to anyone to attend.

“You don’t have to be a member of British Naturists and neither do you have to book as a family. Single tickets can be purchased by non-members at a slightly higher cost and all they have to do is register. But this doesn’t mean that children are safeguarded.

“Last year there were groups of single men walking in. It’s not acceptable, in my opinion. Naturists can do what they want, but I don’t think that children should be included.”

This is in opposition to the statement made by the waterpark prior to the event held in February last year. The Sandcastle said: “The Naturist event (including family naturists) is a private event and no one can walk in off the street without pre-registration.

“Any children that might attend on the night are with their parents or guardians, which is part of the safeguarding policies of The British Naturist Society.”

The British Naturism organisation also released a statement: “We also have a strict ‘no cameras’ rule with any photographs taken to record the event being taken by our official photographer, who follows guidelines about what images can be captured.”
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