The Black Lives Matter protest will still be going ahead Yasmine Ballout has confirmed at Lytham Windmill tomorrow at 1pm on “The Green”.  She said “209 people have responded as going on Facebook but its all up in the air who will actually attend, it will likely be less”.

The protest which is  demanding justice after the death of 46-year-old George Floyd has divided Lytham St Annes on social media over the past few days with many heated conversations.  Many Lytham St Annes people are claiming that it is the wrong time to do a protest due to the Covid-19 social distancing situation and that a virtual protest would be better such as what was done for Blackpool Pride, and there are many people who are for the protest.

There has been added concern in the area due to the incidents in London today over the Black Lives Matter protest, as thousands of anti-racism protesters gathered in London  defying calls from ministers and police chiefs to avoid mass gatherings. At least 13 people were arrested in London which was described as “choas” and had “turned into a party”.

Despite the London incidents, yesterdays protest in nearby Stanley Park Blackpool was peaceful and it is hoped that the Lytham protest will follow suit.