As lockdown measures start to ease off, it has become the norm for the government to tell us what we can and cannot do with ourselves. After 12 weeks in lockdown from Saturday 13th June, single adults will finally be allowed to visit other households and form a ‘support bubble’. This will allow people who live alone to ‘share meals, hug, kiss and even have sex with each other’.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to support single people who feel isolated during strict lockdown measures – loneliness, especially for the elderly, is a big problem that can be easily addressed with little consequences.

As we all know the Fylde areas including Lytham, St Annes and Ansdell are home to many pensioners, out of those 32.1% live alone. With strict lockdown measures set in place at the beginning of lockdown in an attempt to protect the vulnerable over 70s, many of the elderly residents across the Fylde coast have not been able to see their beloved relatives in nearly 12 weeks.

The Prime Minister has stressed that these relaxation of these rules does not apply to the people most vulnerable to the virus.

The BBC have stated that ‘support bubbles’ will allow:

  • A grandparent who lives alone would be able to form a bubble with one of their children, which means they could go to see them and interact with their grandchildren as normal
  • A single parent could form a bubble with a parent or friend so they can interact as normal
  • Two single people who both live on their own could form a bubble
  • And a couple who do not live together could form a bubble, but only if they both live alone

Having our Prime Minister give permission to resume romantic connections with other households is something we never saw coming for 2020, will we ever get back to normal again? Or can we not expect to hug another person outside our households for the rest of the year?