Breaking News: Positive Covid-19 Case at LSA High School

Today LSA High have confirmed a positive case of Covid-19 at their school.  A sketchy email was sent to parents and carers this morning.  The email said:

16th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
As we mark the halfway point of this week, there is already information that needs to be shared as part of the way we manage school at this time.  Again, the main business of school, learning, is working brilliantly but we have to stay alert to the many challenges that the COVID19 situation brings.
Decision Making
Please see the decision making diagram on our website to help make choices about when to send your child to school.  We are in the season of common coughs and colds, but realise the challenge parents face in making the right decision.  This may help you make a choice.
Positive Cases
We have had our first positive case of Covid19 confirmed in school.  We have followed the guidance and the processes in school have ensured that the impact on others is minimal.  I have attached a letter today for all parents informing them of the case.  We will write home to parents with updates, informing you of whether your child is affected and the steps that may be required.    We cannot give personal information about cases, but can assure parents that our systems will ensure the correct people are informed.
Face Masks
Your child must have a facemask with them in school.  They must wear them in the queues for dinner (both the hall and the dining room). We are going to ask staff to end lessons with a reminder to wear masks.  We are also asking students to wear masks in lessons where it may make them more comfortable.
Behaviour out of School/ Rule of Six
The school has introduced staggered ends to the day which are working brilliantly in thinning out the numbers of students.  However, we are getting a number of reports of students gathering in local parks and shops before heading home.  With the introduction of the new laws around there being no more than 6 people gathering, we must ask your child to avoid gathering with multiple households before or after school.  Whilst school premises are exempt from these laws, the areas outside of school are not.  Please share this message with your child.
You may be aware that the school was the victim of an organised theft of two bicycles.  This was an unpleasant event and we are working with the police. We realise the challenge this presents with a need to ride to school and we are looking at possible alternative ways to store bikes.  However, we would ask that parents research and purchase the most secure lock possible whilst there is a national upturn in bike theft.
We have also been advised by passengers of students using busses without the appropriate face covering.  Again, this is not a school request so please ensure your child wears a face covering on public transport.
Thank you again for everything.
Yours sincerely,

Ray Baker                                                               

This E-Mail has an attachment. Please click here to view the file or copy and paste the following into your address bar:

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This E-Mail has another attachment, Please click here to view this file or copy and paste the following into your address bar:

We will have more on this story as it develops.  Lytham St Annes High School is located on Worsley Rd and has 1450 pupils.  The email attachment stated whether the pupil has been in touch with the Covid-19 positive pupil.

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