Burglar caught attempting to enter property at 5.40am in ST ANNES – Police currently searching local area

Another attempted burglary this morning in St Annes has been reported to the police, and the victim of the attempted crime has shared her story on Facebook to warn locals.

The incident occurred this morning at 05.40 in Sophie Gillett’s back garden. A male stranger made his way into the 6ft bolted and locked gate, wearing gloves and a face mask. Sophie asked the stranger what he was doing, where he made up a “garbage” response on the spot.

Sophie then ran inside and locked her door, making a quick phone call to the police as the stranger loitered around the back of her house. He later fled the scene before the police arrived, who are currently searching the local area.

This occurred at Walter Avenue in St Annes at approximately 05.40 this morning, before sunrise.

map of walter avenue in st annes
The attempted burglary occurred at Walter Avenue in St Annes, Police are searching the local area for the masked man

The man has been described as: white, mid-30s, skinny, longish scruffy hair, longish black stubble, black rubber type gloves, thin black coat, black trousers and face mask.

Sophie states that she is still in shock, and disturbed that someone would attempt to enter her property during the night.

Locals have taken to a Facebook group to come together to discuss suspicious behaviour and attempted robberies that have been reported on several occasions in the past few months. A discussion has started where some locals agree that keeping vigilant is important.

However others disagree, stating that it is not the public’s job to “mob together”, using CCTV is important and sharing addresses and locations may push criminals to start carrying weapons when attempting burglaries.

Local Thomas Jeff writes: “You start filling in people who may or may not have robbed your goods and no doubt they will start carrying weapons to keep themselves safe.

“They aren’t going to suddenly change and start developing their CV and getting life skills because someone puts them on a Facebook page. They are just going to target the more vulnerable and carry on exactly what they are doing.
Report anything and everything. The police have to respond to the level of need. So more crimes reported to 101 and 999 will mean a greater presence in the area.
He added, “Catch one in your property and give them a good hiding – within the confines of the law obviously, and that’s about the best you can do.”
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