Busy afternoon for the crew at HM COASTGUARD LYTHAM!!

A police drone was also launched during the search.

❗Emergency call out x2❗(July 13)

We were called out at 15.15 this afternoon to assist Blackpool Police with the search for a high risk missing person in the Blackpool area.

A search was conducted between South Pier and Starr Gate with no sightings, as we couldn’t view the sea defences properly from our limited view, we requested the assistance of RNLI Blackpool to search the water and the shore line. Alongside this, the police launched their drone to assist with the search.

As the lifeboats were searching they located a separate person on the sea defences and we was guided to their location. Due to the precarious location and some persuading the casualty was passed into the care of the police.

Fortunately the original missing person was located inland by police.

We were then called out for the second time today at 18.46 to assist Blackpool Police with the search for a missing child around the South Pier area.

We arrived on scene and as we were about to start our search, the police fortunately located the missing child near Central Pier.

We returned to station and are ready for the next call! #AlwaysOnCall

If you see a coastal emergency, call 9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ and ask for the Coastguard!🆘️🚨

999Coastguard #SearchRescueSave

Great effort as always from these volunteers 💪👍❤️

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