Seething residents living in Blackpool’s South Shore complained that the rancid smell from a home grown cannabis farm had been making their lives a living hell. The smell meant they couldn’t enjoy their gardens when there was nice weather. In addition, the bypassing of the electricity posed a fire risk putting neighbouring properties and their families in danger. Blackpool South NHP with Blackpool Task Force have reported today that they have acted promptly on these concerns. They will now be disposing of the drugs and equipment.

A fuming resident commented: ‘Be vigilant peeps, I lived next door to what was a cannabis farm for about five years. Also in South Shore, it was only in the last year I smelt the rancid stuff. The perpetrators obviously got greedy and grew more and more of the stuff so it basically stank the street out. You never know what you are living next door to!’

Another angry commentator said: ‘I am having neighbours that smoke that stuff. That stench is unbelievable. Can’t open windows, can’t use my back garden. It’s absolutely ridiculous… Fair enough if they would do that sometimes but it’s happening every hour. Not to mention dealers popping in to drop it off a few times a week.’

Police ask any resident with concerns to contact them immediately via Crimestoppers.