Booths Supermarket has introduced for collection the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme from all of its stores. This scheme benefits those with a number of hidden disabilities, such as autism, dementia and visual or hearing impairments – and enables Booths to support those who cannot wear a face covering or socially distance.

The Hidden Disabilities lanyard, which is also called the ‘sunflower lanyard’ because of its appearance – a strip of green with a pattern of yellow sunflowers – will be available to collect for free and can be reused by customers for future visits to Booths stores or outings where the scheme is recognised.

Customers can opt to wear their badge a lanyard as a discreet signal to store colleagues that they may need additional support when shopping.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme® has been introduced by Tabbers Limited, a private company based in the UK. It was launched in 2016, and the company claims it has been adopted globally by major airports and venues and in the UK, by many supermarkets, railway and coach stations, leisure facilities, the NHS, a number of police, fire and ambulance services, and an increasing number of small and large businesses and organisations.

Meanwhile, the Booths Store with two flagship local branches has said staff will “politely” remind customers to wear a face covering at store entrances. Shoppers without a suitable face covering may be refused entry to the store or offered one.  Booths staff will also wearing face coverings whilst in customer areas of the store – even though it is not mandatory under the new rules.

A Booths spokesman said, ‘We would like to thank our customers today for putting the safety and welfare of our colleagues and customers first by happily wearing face coverings in store and being considerate of those who can’t.’


Nigel Murray, COO at Booths, said, ‘It’s vitally important to support customers who might find shopping a challenging experience at the moment. The Sunflower Lanyard will enable our colleagues to identify and give additional help to customers requiring extra assistance. Booths are keen to support everyone in our stores and give them the warm welcome and service they deserve.’