Car That Famously Travelled Around Top Of Blackpool Tower Sells For £111,000

The 1963 Peel P50 Micro-Car that once famously was carried up to the top of Blackpool Tower and then circled the uppermost observation platform has sold at auction for an amazing £111,000!  The tiny vehicle has a top speed of just 38 mph – but in these days of high petrol prices it does over 100 miles per gallon. However, the zippy little car is only big enough to fit one person! The motor went under the hammer at an on-line Car and Classic Auction last week.

The tiny car was created by Peel Engineering Limited on the Isle of Man and launched at the 1962 Earls Court Motorcycle Show. Built as a three-wheeler and with a 49cc engine, it drops into the motorcycle category. The vehicle was launched as a city-car, designed for one adult and a bag of shopping, which was ‘Almost cheaper than walking!….. Car comfort, Moped costs’.

The P50 had 3 forward gears capable of pushing the microcar to 38 mph, and reverse is taken care of by yourself. You have to take hold of the rear mounted chrome handle and manually lift it to turn it around, which sounds much harder than it actually is. In 2010, the Peel P50 was listed in the Guinness World Records and given the title of the smallest production car ever made.

The seller of this rare Peel P50 microcar, which is 1 of just 46 produced, had owned the vehicle since 2007. Here is the top section of the bidding history…


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