Celebrations To Commemorate A Century Since Lytham & St Anne’s Came Together

The 100th anniversary of the former official union of the towns Lytham and St Anne’s into one single council area will be marked with two special ceremonies.  The establishment of the Borough of Lytham St.Anne’s came into effect by an Act of Parliament on 1st May 1922.  However, this was to end in 1974 when both towns regained their own identity as part of the Fylde Borough. However, Lytham St.Anne’s lives on not only by Royal Mail but also in the marketing of our area as a great tourist destination. Meanwhile, St.Anne’s now has its own Town Council.

In recognition of the centenary of the former official union, St Anne’s town crier John Spencer Barnes will perform an official proclamation cry in Lytham Square at noon on Sunday 1st May before moving to St Anne’s to make a further declaration at 12.30 p.m. The bells of St Anne’s Parish Church will be rung in celebration.

Invited guests to the celebration include Fylde MP Mark Menzies, current and former Fylde and St Anne’s Town Councillors along with civic society members from both towns.  After the proclamation cries, the guests will attend a reception in Fylde’s Town Hall – previously the home of Lytham St Anne’s Council – to hear a few words from both the Fylde and St Anne’s mayors, a short history presentation and to look at artefacts, newspaper cuttings, pictures and programmes from 1922.


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