‘Chances Of Survival Are Low’ For The Attacked Fairhaven Goose

Fylde Council has reminded visitors to keep their dogs on a lead. This follows the upsetting scenes at Fairhaven Lake this weekend when a goose was attacked. The goose is currently receiving treatment, but a Fylde Council spokesperson says its chances of survival are low.

The spokesperson continued, ‘To prevent such incidents, we kindly remind all visitors to keep their dogs on leads while enjoying Fairhaven Lake and help ensure the safety of our wildlife. Geese are very protective of their babies so please be careful.’

Tom prevent such upsetting incidents, Lytham St Anne’s News would like to remind do owners that the council has introduced Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) to balance the needs of dog walkers with the rest of the public. PSPOs are formal orders made by the council under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. They apply to anyone in charge of a dog in certain areas in the Fylde Council district. The requirements of the current PSPOs are listed below:

Paddling pools, fountains and other similar places: Keep your dog out

  • Enclosed outdoor play areas: Keep your dog out
  • St Anne’s beach and sand dunes (between the lifeboat station and North Promenade Car Park): Keep your dog out from Good Friday to 30 September
  • Ashton Gardens: Keep your dog on a lead
  • Lowther Gardens: Keep your dog on a lead
  • Fairhaven Lake: Keep your dog on a lead
  • Lytham Park Cemetery: Keep your dog on a lead
  • Promenade and Promenade Gardens: Keep your dog on a lead
  • Council-owned car parks: Keep your dog on a lead
  • Roads and pavements: Keep your dog on a lead
  • All other public places: Put your dog on a lead if requested
  • All public places: Pick up your dog’s fouling

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